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В очередной раз произошло обновлени Exchange Server Role Requirements Calculator. На этот раз сразу две версии: для Exchange 2010 и для Exchange 2013.

Напомню, что в версиях этих калькуляторов есть различия, поэтому результаты калькулятора Exchange 2010 будут неверны для Exchange 2013 серверов – используйте правильную версию!


Скачать можно вот здесь: Exchange 2013 Server Role Requirements Calculator v5.6 и Exchange 2010 Server Role Requirements Calculator v20.6


Exchange 2013 Server Role Requirements Calculator v5.6

  • Optimized Volume Design Architecture Formula.
  • Fixed Recommended Min Number of GC Cores (Secondary Datacenter)» calculation to use SDC instead of PDC CAS count.
  • Fixed CPU comments and removed erroneous information.
  • Fixed multiple conditional formatting bugs.
  • Fixed problem where this workbook had to be the active workbook at all times.
  • Fixed problem with extra-wide Fail Server button on the distribution worksheet.
  • Enabled variable based tracing.
  • Resolved VBA Divide by Zero error caused by DiskGroup = 0.
  • Fixed problem with lagged copies in conjunction with multiple databases per volume.
  • Fixed missing «\» character in path names in MailboxDatabases.csv file.
  • Fixed problem with WAN failure simulation.
  • Fixed calcNumAMBXServersDC2 to ensure it cannot have more servers that primary site.
  • Fixed calculated IO Multiplication factor formulas to take into consideration IOPS override.
  • Added condition to validate that there are enough copies for multiple databases/volume scenario.
  • Fixed conditional formatting and JBOD storage results when JBOD evaluation is disabled.


Exchange 2010 Server Role Requirements Calculator v20.6


  • Calculator now supports defining server requirements for dedicated Hub Transport and Client Access servers; specifically CPU and memory sizing.

  • Calculator will state how many dedicated Hub Transport and Client Access servers should be deployed in a datacenter.

  • Calculator now includes Hub Transport and Client Access impact on server megacycles and utilization calculations for multi-role deployments.

  • Global catalog processor core calculations were optimized and simplified.

  • Calculator has been rebranded as Exchange 2010 Server Role Requirements Calculator.

  • Fixed column headers in results tables to match Site Resilience scenario

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed conditional formatting bug when site resilience is not enabled, yet SDC instance input has greater than 0 copies specified.
  • Fixed logic error where calculator would calculate storage requirements when there were more database copies (HA+Lagged) than Mailbox servers.
  • Fixed logic error in calculating remaining active databases during first and second server failures in secondary datacenter for single DAG A/A scenario.
  • Fixed /environment formula for standalone number of database formula.

Important: The results of the Exchange 2010 calculator are not applicable to Exchange 2013. For instance, the megacycle calculations in Exchange 2010 leverage a different server baseline than those in Exchange 2013, therefore, the two calculations cannot be compared.


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